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January 20, 2007

The OCD Blog

Welcome to The OCD Blog, a group blog open to everyone who wants to post. Post personal stories, links to interesting OCD websites and blogs, news stories, commentary, or just your thoughts for the day. Post as often as you like. No registration required! Visit the submit page to submit content.

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A Tortured Mind Never Stops The Torture

I have brutal Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Now, I am on a new issue. I am obsessed with the temperature of our apartment. We have two older landlords who live above us who control the thermostat in our old radiator heated apartment. I have complained several times about the temperature in our living room being too low. They have acted as if they were going to make the necessary adjustments. They even bought us a thermometer as a measure of good faith. That was the worse thing they could have done. Well, afterward the temperature has still remained a few degrees too cold. Like around 67 when it should be at least 68 degrees. I again complained and again complained and the last time I complained the old guy got very annoyed and said maybe we had an incompatible relationship. Then, I got obsessed even worse and started sitting and staring at the thermometer day after day. Then my girlfriend started to get angry that I have been in a perpetual daze staring at the thermometer and thinking about nothing else other then my other problem which is that I cannot complet a sneeze which is a subject for another day. Anyway, she also told me not to write anymore notes or call the landlords again. Meanwhile, I cannot get the temperature off my mind. It's exactly like a dog barking, or loud music playing, or a door slamming or other similar things that I have gotten obsessed about in the past. I feel powerless about being unable to resolve what I cannot control so I am tormented by it.

Posted by David at 8:24 AM

I am a producer on a new show for a major cable network that emphasizes Entertainment, the Arts and Education. We are doing a show in conjuncture with a well-established, world-famous OCD Center here in Los Angeles.

We are looking for people for our show with OCD, anxiety, hoarding or extreme fears that are affecting their everyday life.

By offering these people free therapy (for 12 weeks and then follow up treatment) we hope to
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If you or anyone you know might be interested, please let us know!
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Hi.I am Jade and I am 12 yrs old.I am not exactlly sure that I have OCD until I found out on a comment on a Youtube that someone had the same problem as me and they have OCD.Well,my problem since this year is that Iwould take hours and hours on doing my hair mostly as simple as a pony tail.I dont know what it is but my mom would make me get up 2 hours earlier then your supose to get up which is 8 am but i have to get up at 6 am each morning just to do my hair or i will be mostly happens when i get ready for mom says i get it perfect at the first time i do it but i think i don't.just from one strand or one little bump i have to take it down and do it atleast 20-50 times in a hour.i usually run out of time and just have to keep it that way or i finally get it perfect after 2 hours by putting half a bottle of hairspray on it and making my hands feel numb after 2 hours.even after PE in teh locker room i am teh last one left in tehre because i am fixing my hair and i will end up being late for.or i will ask my teachers in the middle of a lesson if i can use the bathroom because i cant concentrate with my hair being a little out of place and when they say no i will say its an emergancy and they will let me go.i am always 20 minutes-30 minutes late to dance class when i live 2 minutes away from the place just because it takes me so long because i always do my hair over and over again.i try leaving it down but that just makes it more messy and it gets all frizzy.i know its not a problem for how my hair is i know its just me.i have to use a comb to take out all teh little bumps i hate which works until i get soo frusterated i just take it down or start crying and mess it all up on purpose,or start argueing at my mom for no reason.Or most of teh times i would use a half a bottle of new hair spray on my hair and then take it down and it would just be worse and all sticky and mom says using to much hair spray can damage my hair,make it flaky,and kill the oxon but i cant help it and i just force myself to use it.i know this could be OCD but if someone can tell me how to solve it and if it really is i would gladly appreciate mom never really told me it was and i just never really knew.and i even remember reading my journal to the whole language arts class about "on thing you hate about yourself" and i said my hair and i explained why.everyone was making fun of me saying i don't know how to do my hair and i am just over exagerating.

i hate thsi and i dont want to waste money by using to much hairspray and dance class whne i end up always late because of this,waste time on something simple,get my mom angry,and etc.

Please respond on this!

Thank you:)

Hi its Jade again.I also think i have OCD from another reason rather then my hair.Also,it could be because of my brothers tv.I always had this problem sine the first day he got a tv in his room a about 3 years ago.His room is right next to mine and even when i can hear it a smidge bit from his room i go bilistic and slam his door closed.This has always been a habit with me and even with his door closed i can still hear it.So i usually just go in his room and turn it down myself.This has been happening for a long time now and i usually do this habit 30-40 times a day.And yes my brothers does get frusterated with it and does tell my mom and dad but now he doesn't even care since hes so used to it.But when he gets in a bad mood he usually locks his door and turns it up high or go tell my mom when shes sleeping or bothers my dad and calls him at work when hes working and tells him.My mom threatened to move his room into teh other side of teh house if i keep doing it,threatned to take my cell phone away for 2 weeks,my dad threatned to remove his dooor,and much much more!But as much as i dont want to get in trouble i still turn his tv down where he can barely hear it and stll close his door 30 times a day.its REALLY annoying when i try to sleep and hes still up so i try solving teh problem by going to sleep after he does so i dont hear the tv.ALso he always wakes up early and i ALWAYS sleep in.But its weird beacuse my mom or dad can have the living room tv or tyhere tv turned up high but its something with my bros tv when he barely turns it up and i can just hear an echoe or anything i get up or get out of anytthing im in (the shower,my bed,etc) and turn it down and close his door.


please respond!!!


To Jade,
I am not a Heathcare proffesional but I have lived and married a person with OCD. I have been with her for 8 years and we have two children. I'm not sure if anyone answered your posts and I would think someone would, but I am new to this blogging site.
It is my opinion that you do have OCD and the sooner you get your parents to recognize it and get treatment, the better. (That is if they already don't know.)
They may know already and are trying to manage. Unless you live it or around it, people can not understand the effect and burden you carry. It is very difficult to live in an OCD household.

My wife used to take 2-3 hour long showers. She would be shivering, crying in the cold because her ritual was not going well and she kept messing up and starting over. She suffers fear from dirt, garbage, cleanliness issues, and too many other things to mention. She is on medication now and doing much better. She holds down a job and can drive. Medication does not cure it, it only takes the edge off inorder to cope and live in an outwardly looking normal life. But I know the internal struggles that exist every day and every hour.
A proffesional may help you try to ease your hair and noise obsession. It is called behavior modification therapy.
I'm sorry there is no good news. The therapy is an uphill battle, but it will help you live a more normal life.

Good luck Jade

Hey guys, I actually bet that everyone coming here that has posted has OCD. It sure sounds like it through your stories, the suffering and mental battles simply wear you out, and I know exactly how you feel. I'm 24 years old, and have had OCD since I was very young. I have struggled with it all, it used to be germs, tons of irrational fears, etc., and now I doubt many things and have to ask reassurance questions over and over. I have a few blogs where I write it all out, and it tends to help, especially when I am in the eye of the storm and an anxiety attack is beginning. If anyone would like to talk, email me on my email provided. I can also give you blog links. Know that you aren't alone in your suffering and even though your dark tunnel seems to loop and loop, there is light ahead at some point. That doesn't mean it's easy, but you aren't alone. My doctor told me just yesterday that people with OCD are in the top, superior level of a human being. He said we were immensely genuine, and someone had asked him a few days earlier if he had to pick one person with only ONE certain trait to trust with anything, what would that trait be? And he said it would be someone with OCD for sure, because we are intelligent, and good people all around. Pretty cool to think about. Take care guys.

This is for Bekah. Thank you for sharing your story. I have a 20-year-old daughter who has been struggling with OCD for the past year. She, like you, is a smart, hard-working, and very sweet girl for whom OCD is making life miserable. She is constantly going over things that happened in the past (even recently) to make sure she has done nothing "wrong" to hurt someone. Her biggest fear is that she has done something wrong or bad and doesn't remember it. She has never had an episode of this actually happening or of blacking out and being unable to remember events. As you can probably guess, this makes it difficult for her to have fun and enjoy herself. She is seeing a therapist and working on ways to help her handle these thoughts. She is keeping a journal but that is turning out to be another way to reinforce her compulsions as she writes down everything she does every day and checks to make sure she can account for every minute. Only then does she feel confident that she did nothing wrong. This is taking up so much time and not really helping in the long run. I feel so bad that she struggles so hard but never seems to find an answer. I am at a loss of where to turn next to try and help her. Any suggestions you have would be so welcome. Thanks and congratulations to you for reaching out to help others.

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